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What many tenants don’t know is that they often have as much power as their landlords do when it comes to their place of residence. Valdes Law Firm, P.A. assists renters throughout South Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Broward County, understand and effectively defend their rights as tenants. If you are experiencing an issue with your landlord, you should contact an attorney who has experience and understands the numerous Florida landlord/tenant laws. Valdes Law Firm, P.A. is happy to review the details of your case and provide honest and in-depth consultation about your rights as a tenant. Contact us online or by calling (954) 764-7878 to schedule your free initial consultation today. Hablamos español.

The foundation of any Landlord/Tenant relationship is the lease agreement. Because most Landlord/Tenant relationships involve written contracts, it is imperative for anyone entering into a Landlord/Tenant relationship to closely review their lease. A poorly worded lease can be the difference between winning and losing a dispute with your landlord. Valdes Law Firm, P.A. can review your lease, negotiate the terms of your lease, and make sure that your rights are protected.

As a tenant, you not only have contractual rights, but also statutory rights which deserve to be protected and enforced. If you are threatened with an eviction, we can help ensure that your landlord follows the proper process and strictly complies with the statutory requirements for eviction. If you are late on your rent, the landlord must take specific steps to begin the eviction process. For example, the landlord must deliver a proper three-day notice before commencing an eviction proceeding. Once an eviction action has been filed and you have been served with the Summons and Complaint, you will only have five business days to file your response with the court. Eviction cases move much faster than other types of civil cases, so it is important you contact an attorney as soon as the dispute arises.

If your landlord has not provided you with a safe and habitable residence, ensured that you have quiet enjoyment of the property, or made reasonable repairs, the law provides you with ways to correct these deficiencies. Valdes Law Firm, P.a. can help you get the remedy you need.

If you have already moved out but your landlord is withholding your security deposit, Valdes Law Firm, P.A. can help you. When you move out, your landlord must either return your deposit (plus interest, if applicable) within 15 days of termination of the lease, or provide you with notice by certified mail to your last known address of their intent to impose a claim on your security deposit. You have 15 days from the delivery of the notice of intent to impose a claim on the security deposit to object to the notice.

If you are experiencing issues with your landlord and feel you need to take action, contact us online or by calling (954) 764-7878 to schedule your free consultation today to find out how we can assist you. Hablamos español.

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