When a case goes to trial, you may not always get the outcome you had hoped. However, a verdict that goes against you at trial or a criminal conviction does not have to be the end of your efforts to pursue a favorable outcome. If you are not satisfied with the results of your trial, you should consider pursuing an appeal. In many cases, trial courts make errors that can be corrected through the appeals process. In other instances, you may prevail at trial, but the opposing party may seek an appeal. Whether you want to file an appeal or work to have an appeal denied, Valdes Law Firm, P.A. has the experience to help you. We handle civil and criminal appeals in all Florida state courts as well as the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Valdes has experience preparing appellate briefs and presenting compelling legal arguments in state and federal appeals. If you need to appeal your case or defend an appeal, don’t hesitate to contact Valdes Law Firm, P.A. online or by calling (954) 764-7878 to schedule your free initial consultation. No case is too big or too small for us.

Valdes Law Firm, P.A. is committed to ensuring that each appeal is based on a strong foundation of strategy, planning, research, writing, and oral argument preparation. Our first step before filing an appeal is to thoroughly analyze the possible appealable issues that arose during the trial. If there is a possibility that an appeal will be successful, we will file the notice of appeal in a timely fashion and immediately begin working on the appellate brief. Valdes Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to providing the best argument on appeal and will craft a thoroughly researched and well-written brief for submission to the appellate court. Once we file the brief, we will need to respond to the opposing party’s brief and possibly argue the case orally before the appellate court.

Appellate courts do not retry cases or hear new evidence. Instead, they review what has occurred at the trial level to see if the proper procedures were followed and the correct laws were applied. Because of the limited nature of this review, the issues raised on appeal are significantly different from those that are raised at trial. To craft effective briefs and arguments that focus on making the appellate court understand why a verdict should be affirmed or reversed, extensive legal research and analysis are necessary, as well as tremendous knowledge of case law and precedents. Ms. Valdes possesses excellent legal research and writing skills and the ability to use oral argument to persuade appellate judges to accept a particular interpretation of the law. She is experienced in representing both the appellant and the appellee in appeals, including matters involving commercial litigation, foreclosure defense, and consumer protection litigation. Valdes Law Firm, P.A. is committed to providing creative approaches to assert your position in any civil or criminal appeal.

If you wish to file or defend an appeal, contact Valdes Law Firm, P.A. online or by calling (954) 764-7878 to schedule your free initial consultation today. We are committed to our clients and take pride in winning the argument on appeal. Hablamos español.

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